Alcatraz Swims

    Private Alcatraz Swims
Anxious about your first Alcatraz swim or do you simply want to make a crossing under controlled conditions?
Let me help.  Using a highly experienced pilot (who has made over 500 escorts) and coordinated with the U.S. Coast Guard, I'll escort you and up to three (3) friends on your own private Alcatraz swim.  The cost is $450 (total cost not per person).    
If you've got an Alcatraz swim scheduled for 2014, contact me and I'll pick a date that  simulates the tidal current and route on the day of your race.  By pre-swimming the course you'll have a huge advantage over your competitors on race day! 
Don't have a race and just want to have your own private swim?  Contact me at least 4 weeks before the date you want to swim and I'll pick the most favorable tidal current conditions.  Please note that it is NOT possible to swim Alcatraz every day - only when the currents are favorable.  So please be flexible with your date range.
Watch Allen Luong's exciting video to see what these private Alcatraz swim escorts are all about!
Two important caveats
1) All members of your group should be able to swim at a similar speed.  Because of boat traffic on the Bay, all swimmers will be required to swim in a close-knit pod next to the escort boat.  This means that the fastest swimmer in your group will only be as fast as the slowest swimmer.
2) Though many people successfully swim from Alcatraz each year, this arduous swim is not for everyone.  Before you sign up, time yourself in the pool for 1.5 miles.  If you can't swim that distance freestyle (no breaststroke) in the pool in under 55 minutes, your likelihood of successfully swimming Alcatraz is negligible since the prevailing currents in the Bay will defeat a slower swimmer every time. 
You can reserve and pay for your private Alcatraz swim now via Pay Pal or credit card.  Please select the "add to cart" icon, pay a $100.00 deposit and the date is yours.  The balance of $350.00 can be paid on the day of your swim (cash or check made payable to "Lane Lines to Shore Lines LLC").  I will contact you promptly to go over logistics.  If you have questions before you lock your date in, contact me at [email protected].
If you would rather pay via check, please lock in your reservation by sending a check in the amount of $100.00 payable to "Lane Lines to Shore Lines LLC" and mailing it to 1427 Livingston Avenue, Pacifica, CA  94044-3930.  (No checks drawn on foreign banks - all checks must be drawn on U.S. banks, please.) The balance of $350.00 can be paid on the day of your swim.
Deposit - Private Alcatraz Swim

"I just wanted to thank you for the Alcatraz swim last month.  I ran the Escape today and came out of the water in 32 minutes.  More importantly, I had the confidence and comfort that enabled me to enjoy the experience rather than fear it.  There is no way I would have felt that good about it had we not done the practice crossing together with your briefing and guidance.  Thanks again and hope to swim with you again." - Randol C.
"I just wanted to write to say how much I appreciated how you looked after me so well on the swim from Alcatraz.  It really made the whole experience so enjoyable and your reassuring presence steadied my pre-swim nerves!" - Collete C.
"Thanks so much for the Great Adventure!  You were very supportive and "calming" during the swim." - Dave
"Today reminded me of the rewarding feeling when someone achieves their goal.  They are over the moon, you are happy for them and at the same time, quietly you know that you played a part in it.  I imagine you get to feel that quite a bit in what you do.  So thanks for all your time, patience, coaching and encouragement." - Simon S. 
"It was a fantastic experience for me to swim from Alcatraz and I was very glad of your expert guidance!"- Nicky G.
"We are home now after our tour of the USA and experienced a lot...but what Laura and I agree is just how special our Alcatraz swim was.  Your clear instruction before the swim calmed our nerves and reassured me that the 'impossible' swim was being monitored by a true professional." - Mark P. 
"Thank you again for Saturday's swim!  You and Rick [pilot] made this safe and enjoyable for us!  Your extensive knowledge of the area and preparation - charts and maps you showed us before the swim - instilled such confidence in me.  And, your enthusiasm and love for aquatics added energy and even more enjoyment." -  Patt M.

"Gary, I have to say that you did a magnificent job of organizing a great day out - the instructions were spot on, the timing perfect and the weather exceptional.  I am going to give this feedback to Swim Trek because I was so pleased with the day.  Just the best start to a business trip you could ever hope for!" Shane G.
"I had an awesome time with today's swim even with the panicky first few minutes in the water.  Thank you for the crossing today!" Monica C.

"It was a real pleasure for Liz and me to do your swim this morning.  We were so relieved Liz managed it [in her present condition] and grateful to you for having the confidence to let her go for it towards the end.  Two very happy and tired, but proud, souls wish you well with future swims." Mike & Liz B.

"Been meaning to drop you a note to thank you again for the swim in July.  Thoroughly enjoyed both your swim and the Sharkfest on the Saturday.  What we learned from your advice was more than useful....All the blokes you took out got a medal." Dean H.

"Gary, the support and service you provide to folks looking to take on a challenge they can do in their "backyard" and will remember forever is unparalleled.  Sharing your love for open water swimming with people in a safe and structured way coupled with allowing them to experience the Bay in a very personal way is amazing and a gift!" Courtney K.

"This was an amazing experience for me!  I loved it from start to finish.  Gary, you made it a perfect swim.  When I look back on my life, I am sure this will be a treasured memory." Linle F.
"Thank you for an awesome swim!  It was spectacular to be swimming while the sun rose, the moon was out [and] the Golden Gate Bridge was to the west." Kristine R.