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Whether you're getting ready for your first open water swim, triathlon or Alcatraz swim, visit my website and see how I can provide the skills and information you need to get out of the pool and into the open water safely, confidently and all while having a great time.  Believe it or not, you too can experience the joy, exhilaration and freedom savored by so many open water swimmers.  Come on in - the water is open!


Latest in Alcatraz and Open Water Swimming

Written by Gary from the April / May 2012 issue of California's Adventure Sports Journal

By Gary Emich - Photos by Allen Luong
June 08, 2012
Alcatraz Swimming Society

Written by Gary from the April / May 2012 issue of H2Open Water Swimming Magazine

By Gary Emich
April 19, 2012
Common Sense Safety
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(August 26, 2015 - tracked on my Garmin Forerunner 305)


In 2012 OpenWaterSource.com named me one of the "101 Movers and Shakers in the Open Water Swimming World" citing my contributions as "[co] author of Lessons from Alcatraz, [open water swim] coach and San Francisco Bay Aquapreneur."

Private Alcatraz Swims
If you're tired of swimming in the aquatic roller derby conditions of commercial events then consider a private Alcatraz crossing for you and up to 3 of your friends.  Makes a great birthday gift for the open water swimmer in your family.  And, if you're considering one of the 2015 commercial Alcatraz races it's a great way to get the inside advantage on your competitors.  Check out my "Alcatraz Swims" page for more information.
Gary & Joe Oakes team up to answer your every question about what it takes to swim from the Rock.  As if this weren't enough, their informative and entertaining book contains a treasure trove of information about open water swimming including physical acclimatization, internal warmth, mental preparation, open water training and essential open water skills and techniques.
Joe has lead over 30,000 swimmers from Alcatraz since 1981 and Gary has made over 1,000 crossings without wetsuit or fins.  From their first-hand experience, learn everything you need to know about Alcatraz and open water swimming.