On June 11, 2013, six (6) years to the day after we swam #500, Steven Hurwitz & I completed our respective and individual 1,00th Alcatraz swim crossings (we wore poor Pedro out).  My very first Alcatraz was May 15, 1993 so this averages 1 Alcatraz swim a week for two (2) decades - that's 20 years! - (with two weeks off for good behavior each year). 
View video and newspaper clips below:
KPIX - Channel 5  (0:31 running time)
KGO - Channel 7  (0:45 running time)
KNTV - Channel 11 (1:00 running time)
On June 11, 2007, Steven Hurwitz, Pedro Ordenes & I completed our respective and individual 500th Alcatraz swim crossings.  This date is significant as it was the 45th anniversary of the Frank Morris and Anglin Brothers escape made famous in the Clint Eastwood movie "Escape from Alcatraz."
View video and newspaper clips below:
KTVU - Channel 2's Jade Hernandez Reporting (2:54 running time)
KRON - Channel 4's Russ Katsumoto Reporting (2:17 running time)
KPIX - Channel 5's Simon Perez Reporting (2:47 running time)
KGO - Channel 7's Mike Shumann Reporting (2:40 running time)
KNTV - Channel 11's Lisa Bernard Reporting (2:40 running time
San Francisco Chronicle - Carl Nolte
Flatstar Design - Colin Gift
This is a wonderful slide show shot by kayaker & photographer extraordinare Colin Gift!
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