Photos & Adventures

Here are a few to make you scratch your head and ask???????  If you're really curious, send me an email.
While guiding the October 2010 Baja Expedition / Swim Trek Isla Espiritu Santo Open Water Swim Holiday I made some new friends.  See the video on YouTube.  These guys should tell their San Francisco counterparts to act as friendly!
Here I am swimming with my shark friend in New Zealand's National Aquarium.  The 7-gill shark is the exact same species that lives in San Francisco Bay.  So the next time you're out having a swim in the Bay, say a big "Hello" to this guy's cousins.  And yes, I still have all 10 fingers.  See the video on YouTube.
Read about my February 21, 2009 12-mile swim in Rottnest Australia (as it appears in the Spring 2009 edition of the South Ender - written by Pauline Yeckley).
Escort during the 2008 Swim Around Key West.  Read about Key West and our wonderful relay swim.  Written by Steven Hurwitz of Bay Area Herbs.
Swimming with piranhas in the Amazon River!
Manatee Massage in Crystal River Florida.
Scared out of swimming in the Orinoco River, Venezuela.
The water temp was 38 degrees and your point is?
Swimming in the Blue Grotto, Capri Italy.
Getting ready to plunge into an extinct volcano lake in Costa Rica.
Swimming in the canals of Venice Italy.
Swimming in Tomales Bay, the breeding ground of the Great White Shark.
Shortly after our swim across Loch Ness (oh, the power of PhotoShop).